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Over the years I have come across and collected many scarves which are artist signed, these are amongst my favourites. Some scarves feature a well known painting by a famous artist, possibly produced for an exhibition or something of that nature and many of them tell a story. Many of the scarves that I have collected do not bear the signature of the artist involved which is very sad especially if one considers the time and effort put into creating a design for which the artist receives no written  credit on the scarf itself. Many of these scarves are now very difficult to find, the scarves featured here are just a few from my own collection of 'art scarves'. It is worth noting that most commissioned scarves are not available through retail shopping outlets and are made in limited quantities which of course in time makes them quite rare. It only goes to show how varied and interesting scarf collecting can be and how some collectors could miss out on some stunning scarves merely because they are unsigned or do not have a high fashion label attached.


THE SEASIDE - CAROLINE SCOTT for TIE RACK -  This bright and cheerful silk scarf conjured up images of warm sunny days on the beach and  has a  delightful  coastal theme which  features  seagulls, donkeys rides, yachts, ice creams and lollipops. Don't miss out if you come across one. Caroline Scott produced many  scarf designs and also tie designs  for Tie Rack c1991-1999. This one is a favourite of mine.  Caroline also designed the Butterfly scarf for Richard Allan featured on page 1 and also featured in the Young British Designers series of scarves,  designed corporate scarves and also tourist scarves which were sold at airport outlets. Amongst other designed by Caroline were the Atlanta Olympics and the Ryder Cup. Not all the scarves were signed by Caroline.


MIRO ART SCARF -  JOAN  MIRO 1893-1983 -  Famous Spanish Catalan painter noted for his fantasy, surrealist artwork, The graphics on this fantastic scarf depict   DONA ESCOLTANT MUSICA - Woman Listening to Music. The original artwork dates from 1945 - this super silk rare art scarf still has its original Medici label. Art scarves are always a good talking point as they have a cross appeal with art lovers.



YOUNG BRITISH DESIGNERS AT TIE RACK -The design by THE Baghdad  born artist  Tamala Salman who after working in textile design is now the Design Director for Liberty of London. This gorgeous silk scarf is stunning. Beautiful colours and was produced by Young British Designers at Tie Rack who also produced various other stunning  designs in the past which state Kikami on the label and are well worth collecting, some of which were made in Japan. This scarf is one of of a series of designs by young British artists  released in the early 1990's,   these scarves were not produced in large numbers meaning that they will of course become more difficult to find as time goes by and the very fact that they may be signed adds to their value, don't miss out if you come across any.  Tamara Salman also designed a  floral scarf for the The Chelsea Flower Show 2009.  the other scarf featured is also a Tie Rack and has the KIKAMI  label but no artist signature.


Vintage late 1940 scarf by Kayestyle  of London, made from rayon crepe, Kaystyle also produced other scarves during the WW2 period some of which are highly collectable  such as a design entitled   Americans In London.



VERA - U.S.A. - The Vera  Neumann story  developed in 1945 when she and her husband George purchased silk  which was surplus to requirements due to the fact that parachutes were no longer being made for war use. Vera was responsible for the designs many of which come in delightful colours, there are hundreds of designs, Vera signed her scarves, the smaller the signature the older the scarf,  look out for the ladybug logo  as this was her personal trademark. Has a keen following especially in the U.S.A. - they do however turn up occasionally  here in the U.K.


JEAN PELTIER - 1907-84 - FRANCE - A very dramatic vintage hand rolled silk scarf, artist signature on one corner, looks fantastic when seen from a distance. At first glance many 'arty' scarves may not reveal very much - it is only when they are seen at a distance that one can truly appreciate the art work involved. Many famous paintings appear on scarves and are a cross collectable with those who collect artwork itself


ART SCARF  - signed  HAUTREC -  A fine example of an  'arty' scarf. This one  features  a scene in Montmarte - Paris - interesting graphics - non silk.



PETER TODD MITCHELL -  Artistic 1940s  silk scarf produced by Wesley Simpson Custom Fabrics Inc., in the USA, the design is by the famous  American artist Peter Todd Mitchell c1929-88 who's works are now highly collectable worldwide. This is one of a group of scarves produced in the 1940s which were designed by  famous artists amongst them was Salvador Dali.



NATIONAL TRUST - This gorgeous  hand rolled silk scarf was designed by the renowned British  artist Pat Albeck who also produced other very interesting and popular  designs for the National Trust which were featured on tea towels and other textiles. The  autumn colours and design are outstanding., the scarf is signed by the artist on one corner. Don't miss out if  you come across one.


BECKFORD SILK  - BUCKINGHAM PALACE - This silk hand rolled scarf is simply gorgeous, the colours and design are outstanding, another of my favourite scarves. The design on the scarf is taken from a 27th Century Pietra Dura Panel from a cabinet in the Green Drawing Room at Buckingham palace.  A remarkable and very beautiful  scarf from a remarkable company, don't miss out if you come across one.


 BECKFORD SILK  - This stunning  exquisite silk chiffon scarf has beautiful  graphics reminiscent of the Louis Tiffany era, the soft muted colours make up the design.  Its simply gorgeous and must for any collector.




BECKFORD SILK - SONIA LAWSON RA - This wonderful silk twill scarf is signed by the outstanding  artist Sonia Lawson, in 1982 she became a Royal Academian , the tag on the scarf states ROYAL ACADEMY OF ARTS.



BECKFORD SILK  - THE GONDOLA PARTY 1905 - Its party time again! This  amazing  silk  hand rolled scarf is entitled The Gondola Party. In 1905 an American millionaire named George Kessler threw a party on New Years Eve at the luxurious  Savoy Hotel in London.  He obviously loved entertaining on a big scale as the theme of the party was to be Venetian and very dramatic as the courtyard of the hotel was especially  flooded and decorated  for the event in order that a Gondola would appear  be seen floating on an imaginary Venetian canal, those who were fortunate enough to be invited were served dinner on board the Gondola, one can imagine the scene, glamorous and luxurious. This scarf shows a Gondolas throughout the design from this very popular British company who have produced so many exclusive commissioned scarves over the years. A wonderful scarf to add to any collection and now difficult to find.


ARTISTS PALETTE - Vintage scarf which is a mixture of silk and rayon  77% rayon, 23 & silk,, made in Japan c 1950s , the graphics on this scarf are brilliant, 'arty' is the keyword here, yet again another unsigned mystery. Rarely comes up for sale, a super scarf for anyone who collects art related scarves.


MUSICAL MEMORIES - Rare vintage 1940s rayon scarf featuring famous musicals such as the Chocolate Soldier, Desert song, Lilac Time, Merry widow and others, lots of nostalgia going on here, very collectable and hard to find.



From the late 1940s onwards scarves were produced featuring period costume, ballet, romantic scenes,  crinoline ladies &  Persian legends were also  popular, similar graphics also appeared on ladies powder compacts of that era. You may also come across scarves bearing labels stating 'occupied Japan'- anything with such a label is dated between1945-52 and related to the post WW2 era.



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